Schedule A Demo

At HIP Trivia, we LOVE showing off our technology.  We think our tech and presentation to your group makes us the best choice you can make for online, virtual trivia.

We would be excited to put together a no-cost / no-obligation demo for you and the decision-makers in your group to show you how we can make your next online event a success.

On the calendar to the right, just select a time that works for everyone and we will put together a sample trivia game so everyone can see how it works.  We will also show you the various options that your group can decide on for ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities, customization, and even setting up teams!

A few things to remind everyone that you are inviting to the meeting:

  • The best way to play is by watching the meeting on your computer and answering the questions on your phone, so have your phone with you.
  • You will not just be listening.  You will be playing along by answering some really tough trivia questions so you can impress your coworkers by showing them how smart you really are.
  • We will leave a lot of time for your questions.  The demo runs about 15-20 minutes but we schedule it out for 45 minutes to give you and your group ample time to ask ANY* questions that you may have.
  • All of the other online meetings you’ll have had that week will be nowhere near as fun as this one.
*”Any” refers to questions about our trivia events.  We will NOT be able to answer questions about things like quantum physics, organic chemistry, or philosophy.