Welcome to Trivia Night!

Each Thursday night at 7 pm Central, HIP Trivia hosts online virtual trivia.  We also play on the last Saturday of each month!

It works like this.  You WATCH and listen to the trivia game via a zoom meeting and you ANSWER the questions on your mobile phone or tablet.  (Or you can use a separate computer if you have one.  Whatever is easiest for you.). The faster you answer the question, the more points you get.  Trivia night is and always will be free to play!

Families can play as a team or each person watching can play with their own mobile device.  Whichever way you’d like to do it.  (Only one person needs to be watching the zoom meeting)

When you enter your email address below, you will get the instructions on how to play sent to your email.  In addition, you will receive the zoom link needed to play the game.

You will also receive “general” trivia night emails every now and then when there is something to inform you of.  You will also receive game reminders.  A few hours before the game, we send an email to remind you about trivia night.  Nothing worse than remembering at 7:10 that trivia started ten minutes ago!)
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