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HIP Trivia is an experience that your guests will rave about!

Perfect for corporate events, fundraisers, seminars, conferences, trade shows, team-building, and more! It’s the most interactive event you can plan.
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What They've Said...

HIP Trivia was the highlight

HIP Trivia was the highlight of my industry conference. Dan’s natural talent made for a perfect blending of entertainment, networking, and team building. The attendees rated HIP Trivia higher than any other aspect of the conference! I would not hesitate to book Dan again at a future event.

Harold Mester

Great Fun for a Large Group!

We found Dan to host HIP Trivia for our company Holiday Party. He was incredibly easy to work with! The experience overall was so much fun and was a great interactive activity for our nearly 300 guests. We have heard nothing but great feedback on our entertainment choice this year. Book Dan and HIP Trivia for a fabulous time!


HIP Trivia made our company’s year-end event!

Working with Dan and HIP Trivia was a great experience – Dan was responsive and accommodating to our requests, ensured the equipment was set up well in advance, and engaged the team throughout. Trivia was a great team-building experience filled with memorable moments from start to finish.

Sandy Eisho
Farbman Group

Just a few of the companies that have used HIP Trivia to host their Best. Event. Ever!

How To Play HIP Trivia

Play as a team, an individual, or both!

Your group can play together as a team, just like at a traditional trivia night. At HIP Trivia, we also offer the option for individuals to play on their own. Want the best of both worlds? We can even split your group up by departments, regions, states, or whatever suits your fancy. Play your way and have a blast with HIP Trivia.

Answer The Questions

Our exciting trivia games at HIP Trivia showcase a wide range of question types, from traditional “write-in” answers to multiple-choice, musical clues, and image games. We cleverly combine these formats to keep the fun rolling.

Say good bye to those old pencil and paper trivia games.  HIP Trivia is a high-tech event and your players/teams answer questions using our provided tablets or their own smartphones.

Score Points and Win!

Bring the excitement of a live game show to your event with HIP Trivia! Our scores are calculated in real time, so no more waiting for score sheets and spreadsheets. Your guests will feel like they’re right in the middle of the action! Plus, with HIP Trivia, you have full control over the prizes. Whether it’s rewarding the top teams, individuals, or even random players, you decide based on your budget. Get ready for a thrilling trivia experience like no other!

More Questions? More Answers!

We know you have a lot of questions.  Here are some of the questions we are asked most often.  If we missed something, use the quick contact form at the bottom of the page.


Can we play as a team? Can we play as individuals?

Simple answer: Yes.

Longer answer: One of the great things about our setup at HIP Trivia is that we can do both!

For most of our events, groups play as a team, per table. It's great for team-building and fundraising.

We also have plenty of events where players play individually. This is usually used at larger conferences and seminars where people do not know each other.

We can also combine those. We can have players play as individuals but they can also select from a pre-populated team list that can consist of anything you’d like it to be. It can be by tables. It can be by department or region. It can be by company tenure. We can collect individual scores right along side of team scores which always makes for fun conversation.


What are the technical requirements for an in-person event?

We can cover this in more detail once we know the specifics of your event but, in general:

Our trivia event relies on the internet to work. A hard-wired internet connection should be provided to the trivia host. This creates the most reliable connection for both the gaming software and the answering tablets. (If your venue does not have one, or they want to charge you an exorbitant fee for this, we have other options)

If players are using smartphones to answer questions, a decent wireless internet connection should be available to them. They may also use their mobile data network to connect.

If HIP Trivia-provided tablets are to be used to answer questions, we will create the wireless network for the tablets to connect to, piggybacking on the hard-wired connection you provide us.

Sound: HIP Trivia will generally use our own microphones and soundboards. We then connect to the venue's sound system.

For some events, usually when working with an event production company, we can use their equipment if it's already installed for your event.

There are quite a few options and alternatives, and they are all based on your specific venue information.

We’ve yet to find a place that we are not able to make work for an event. We also contact your venue and work out the specifics with them so you don't have to. :-)


How do players answer questions?

Either via HIP Trivia-provided tablets or their own mobile phones.

For events where teams will be playing together at tables, we recommend using our tablets. This is a HIP Trivia exclusive and will elevate the experience for your guests beyond any trivia-type event they've attended.

For events where players are playing as individuals, we generally recommend that they use their mobile phones. We will display a QR code and/or website for players to log in to play the game.

(Please note: Due to technical limitations, there may be some venues where the tablet will not be used. We can work the details out with your venue beforehand.)


Can we create custom questions?


HIP Trivia is all about personalization and showcasing your brand or event. We are equipped with an extensive question database of over 100,000 questions that covers a wide range of topics. However, we understand that you may have specific questions tailored to your company, event, organization, or even that special guest of honor. Guess what? We can easily incorporate those custom questions into our trivia mix!

Example: Let's say you recently conducted a training seminar and want to include questions related to it, we've got you covered.

At HIP Trivia, we are committed to making your experience unique and unforgettable.


What about prizes? How many do we need?

When it comes to prizes, it's all up to you. You know your event and guests better than anyone, so you can truly ignite their excitement.

Typically, we see events award prizes to the top 3 tables or players, but if you have a larger prize budget, we can expand that and make it even more rewarding.

And guess what? We're not just stopping there! We can also surprise the last place team with a prize (shhh, it's our little secret).

Between rounds of trivia, we can spice things up with extra games and more chances to win fabulous prizes. And remember, the more prizes, the merrier - they don't all have to be grand!

We are happy to help you divide your prizes based on your budget, ensuring your group has the most fun possible.


Our event is a fundraiser. Any suggestions?

We LOVE fundraisers. It becomes our mission to raise you the most money possible.

We have TONS of fundraising ideas and options. Once we know more about your specific event and its goals, we can start creating additional event revenue streams for you.


How much does a HIP Trivia event cost?

The cost of a HIP Trivia event depends on many factors and varies for each event. We don't believe in offering set package prices because every event is unique and may require different elements. (For example: If your venue already has a projection system, we don't need to charge you to bring one and set it up.)

The best way for us to provide you with an accurate answer is for you to contact us and share the details of your event. We take a zero-pressure approach and can almost always find a way to make a HIP Trivia event fit within your budget.


Our event is in (insert your city here). Can you do an event here?




I would rather chat with you via zoom or the phone. Can we do that?

Sure. You have a couple of choices.

You can call us at 262.333.0494.

If you'd rather schedule a call or zoom, you can click the link below and find a time that works for you (and anyone you invite) and us.