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We are NOT your 'normal' trivia night.

Our Trivia Events are perfect for:

Corporate EventsFundraisersTeam BuildingTrade ShowsAnnual Dinners / AwardsConferences / SeminarsWedding Receptions

The most interactive event that you can plan!  EVERYONE is your group is playing.

Just a few of the companies that have used HIP Trivia for their events

Best. Trivia Event. Ever!

Why HIP Trivia?

Unique Round Formats

We can do a traditional trivia format where players write down their answers but we can do so much more!  We can do multiple choice questions.  We can do speed-round questions where the faster you answer, the more points you get.  For more fun… we can combine them!

Your Trivia Host

Your trivia host is national touring comedian Dan Deibert.  Dan has been a comedian for over 30 years and is one of the most frequently booked corporate comedians in the midwest.  Dan knows how to make sure your group is having FUN while playing.

Instant Scoring

No more waiting for score sheets to be graded and spreadsheets updated.  Players ALWAYS know how they are doing with our instant scoring system.

Custom Questions

In addition to our pre-written (and UNIQUE) questions, we can create custom questions for your group.  Questions can be about your organization, your employees, your guest of honor, your foundation.  They can be about the bride and groom.  They can be about the seminar that just wrapped up.  They can be about… whatever you want! :-)

Types of Gameplay

Individual Players
Great for smaller groups and large groups/events where players do not know each other
Each player plays on their own.
Players use their own devices to answer questions.
Questions are generally multiple choice with more points awarded for faster answers.
Table Teams
Great for team-building events and events where people that know each other will be sitting at the same table
Each table is their own team.
One player from each team will answer for the team.
Answers will be submitted either via a players personal device or via HIP Trivia supplied tablets.
Trivia questions can be either multiple-choice OR write-in answer questions that facilitate discussion amongst the team.
Advanced Teams
Great for awarding prizes to BOTH individual winners and teams/tables. Highly interactive!
Players answer each questions, using their own device, as individuals.
Players also select a "team" to join. This team can be based on their table number, department they work in, longevity at the company, favorite baseball team... we can create any kind of team for them to join.
In addition to earning an individual score, team scores are calculated on a "weighted average" so that a team with 3 players can fairly compete with a team of 10 players.
Players on a "team" do not have to be seated together.

Common Questions

Here are just a few of our most frequently asked questions.  We know this list can’t cover anything and we’re sure you’ll have more questions.

Please use the form or information on the right to reach out and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Can we play as a team? Can we play as individuals?2022-03-31T21:21:48-05:00

Simple answer: Yes.

Longer answer:  One of the great things about our setup at HIP Trivia is that we can do both!

For most of our fundraising trivia nights, groups come to the event to play as a team, per table.

We also have plenty of events where players are playing as individuals.

We can also combine those.  We can have players play as individuals but they can also select from a pre-populated team list that can consist of anything you’d like it to be.  It can be by tables.  It can be by department.  It can be by company tenure.  We can collect individual scores right along side of team scores which always makes for fun conversation.

What are the technical requirements for an in-person event?2022-03-31T21:30:08-05:00

We can over this is more detail once we know the specifics of your event but in general-

A hard-wired internet connection should be provided to the trivia host.

If players will be using smart phones to answer the questions, a decent wireless internet connection should be available to them.  They may also use their mobile data network to connect.

If HIP Trivia provided tablets are to be used to answer questions, we will create the wireless network for the tablets to connect to, piggybacking on the hard-wired connection you provide us.

There are quite a few options and alternatives and they are all based on your specific venue information.  We’ve yet to find a place that we are not able to make work for an event.

How do players answer questions?2022-03-31T21:40:08-05:00

There are two options.

For many events, players will use their own smart phones to answer questions.  This is especially true when players are playing as individuals.  If players are playing in teams, say one team per table, we announce a rule that only ONE phone can be out at table.  If our refs or other teams see more than one phone out, the offending team is issued a warning and should it happen again, they lose points.  This is done to prevent cheating.  Truthfully, we’ve not had a problem with this… especially since we reward opposing teams for tattling on their opponents.  :-)

Another option that we utilize, when playing in teams per table, we can provide a tablet for each table where the team captain will enter the answers for the team.  This makes it so that there are NO phones allowed.

How much does a HIP Trivia event cost?2022-03-31T21:44:06-05:00

There is no real simple answer to this, other than to say that our events can range anywhere from $1000 to $10,000, depending on many factors.  It’s not fair for us to give you a “set package price” because each event is different and can require things that other events have no use for.

The best way for us to answer this is for you to reach out and contact us with event details.  We have a ZERO pressure approach and we love to find a way to make an event fit within your budget.

Can we create custom questions?2022-03-31T21:46:02-05:00


Let me say that again.


We love to create custom questions tailored specifically to your event, organization, product, team, charity, guest of honor, training sessions, seminar,,,

Our event has sponsors. Can we incorporate them?2022-03-31T21:49:49-05:00

In addition to our trivia questions, we create a visual experience for your attendees as well by utilizing projectors and other multi-media equipment.  We can create space on our presentations for your logos as well as sponsor logos.  We can also embed these logos on the devices of people playing trivia to give more exposure to your sponsors.

Live sponsor mentions as well as embedding logos onto the answering devices used by your players are a possibility as well.

Our event is a fundraiser. Any suggestions?2022-03-31T21:53:43-05:00

We LOVE fundraisers.  It becomes our mission to raise you the most money possible.

We have TONS of fundraising ideas and options.  Once we know more about your specific event and its goals, we can start creating additional event revenue streams for you.

How many prizes do we need?2022-04-17T19:06:30-05:00

As many or as few as you’d like.

Generally, we recommend that prizes be given to at least the top 3 players or teams.  After that, we have lots of options.  We can give prizes to each round winner.  Prizes can be randomly awarded to players via the “Wheel of Fun”.  We can find a way to give away as many prizes as you can come up with.

Total side note:

We did an event for a company this past Christmas season where they had tables and tables of really great prizes for their employees to choose from.  The table that won trivia had their first pick of prizes.  Second place table went next.  Etc.  It was really fun to watch and made for a real competitive trivia game!

Perfect Trivia Events

Dan is a Pro’s pro!! Attention to detail and making sure the client’s needs are met and exceeded. Using marketing materials and company logos that create customized unique appearance for each client. Can’t wait to book the next event with HIP Trivia!!


Steve Alexander

Fun! Fun!

Having Dan back for the 2nd year in a row to entertain our employees at our annual Christmas party was HUGE! Last year Dan provided us with an over-the-top comedy routine that everyone loved. I didn’t think he could top that but this year he definitely delivered. We did his HIP Trivia and it was so much fun. The employees loved the interactive part of this game and boy did everyone’s competitiveness come out. They also loved getting the prizes as well. Thank you, Dan, for a very fun evening in Topeka, Kansas!

Fabulous! Fun! and Funny!

Fabulous! Fun! and Funny!… We had a blast at our Patient Safety Trivia event. The teams came alive. Dan was easy to work with and was a great host, he also quickly adapted to our Caribbean flavor.

Isha Honore
Interhealth Canada TCI

HIP Trivia helped make our event a huge success!

With the onset of Covid-19 and its gathering restrictions, our organization wasn’t sure we’d be able to hold our annual trivia night fundraiser. However, Dan with HIP Trivia worked closely with us to turn it into a virtual event, and everything went amazingly smooth. It turned out to be a huge success, and everyone who participated had so much fun!

HIP Trivia was the highlight

HIP Trivia was the highlight of my industry conference. Dan’s natural talent made for a perfect blending of entertainment, networking, and team building. The attendees rated HIP Trivia higher than any other aspect of the conference! I would not hesitate to book Dan again at a future event.

Fun for Everyone!

We hired Dan for Trivia at our company holiday party!
Dan was so professional in all my planning interactions and through multiple challenges with our venue’s technology. He also did a phenomenal job hosting Trivia! Even the guests that I wasn’t sure would like it had a great time, due to Dan’s comedic charms, and the music in the show!
The questions varied in difficulty so it was fun for everyone, but also challenging for those who love Trivia! Even the losing table was smiling at the end!

Emily M

Our Easiest Event Ever!

Working with Dan made this fundraising event one of the easiest the school has ever organized. He wrote all the questions and our players’ scores were calculated immediately. The event took fewer people to plan ahead of the event and ZERO the night of the event! For the first time in 11 years, I was able to participate in the event!! If you haven’t done this type of event before, I’d recommend Dan and HIP Trivia to be your choice.

Vada Yingling

You can’t go wrong with HIP Trivia!

The 2nd Annual Prairie Hawk Trivia night was a success. Working with Dan was a very seamless process and takes all the stress of event planning away. There is minimal needed from the planning committee and his process allows everyone to participate. Dan wrote all of the questions, had the equipment, and was an AWESOME ENGAGING host! It’s a win win for all!

Ashley Grimm

HIP Trivia was great – highly recommend

We really enjoyed our trivia night with Dan. He was really engaging as a host, the quiz questions were fun, and the team in general had a great time. We will use Dan again!



Teaming up with Dan and Hip Trivia was a huge success and win for our department team building. In an all virtual world over the summer 2020, we had to get creative in our on boarding of new team members as well as engaging existing members. This provided a fun and competitive experience for all. We enjoyed this experience so much we recently did another round of trivia in conjunction with a department charitable effort. I recommend Dan and Hip Trivia to people in and out of the company all the time. Dan does not disappoint with his challenging yet fun trivia questions and engaging personality.

Liza Romans
Northwestern Mutual

HIP Trivia made our company’s year-end event!

Working with Dan and HIP Trivia was a great experience – Dan was responsive and accommodating to our requests, ensured the equipment was set up well in advance, and engaged the team throughout. Trivia was a great team-building experience filled with memorable moments from start to finish.

Sandy Eisho
Farbman Group

A PERFECT company event!

Dan did an incredible job at our corporate holiday party hosting our Trivia Night. He was funny, engaging and kept our group entertained for over an hour. I would absolutely recommend using Dan for any event.

Laurie King

Laughter All Around!

This is the second time that our regional office has requested Dan as a performer for a company event. This time he brought his Hip Trivia to our team regional meeting. Dan is so organized, such a pleasure to work with and made our morning of trivia so much fun and a great success! I highly recommend that you hire Dan Deibert and his hilarious trivia show!

Great Fun for a Large Group!

We found Dan to host HIP Trivia for our company Holiday Party. He was incredibly easy to work with! The experience overall was so much fun and was a great interactive activity for our nearly 300 guests. We have heard nothing but great feedback on our entertainment choice this year. Book Dan and HIP Trivia for a fabulous time!


A great time was had by all!

We had such a positive experience with Hip Trivia! Dan was a pleasure to work with and a true professional! Dan was able to help us out on short notice, and scheduled a video chat with me to ensure planning was smooth. The event was a success and everyone had a great time – we will definitely be working with Dan again!

Shannon K McNamara

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