It’s not going to be that easy!

Yeah, I know I told you I was giving you the link to the crossword puzzle… BUT… I was actually giving you the link to the link to the crossword puzzle.  So here, go ahead and download it…

Here is the actual link to the file with the crossword puzzle…

There is just one thing.  You can’t open the file without the six-digit numerical code.  Don’t worry, I’ll give you the clues to get it.  :-)

Just answer the following questions and put the answers in the order the questions are asked and you’ll get your six-digit code.  NOTE: If your answer is a single digit, add a zero to the front of it.  Each clue requires a two-digit answer to get six total digits.



Mr. and Mrs. Pickle have 6 daughters.  Each daughter has 1 brother.  How many are there in the Pickle family?



The number of times the musical “Cats” played on Broadway is 4 digits long.  What are the last 2?


Figure it out

Right next to the world’s largest arch made of elk antlers, there is a company that sells Arctic Cat, Honda, and other power sports equipment.  What are the last two digits of their phone number?